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Suha Warehouse Products

Product Overview

Suha Warehouse is a web-based system designed for small and medium businesses to manage their stock levels and inventory. Handle all your stock movements in Suha Warehouse from purchasing through to sales. All information is perpetual which means real time reports and work flows of sales and warehouse operators are easily managed. Our interactive and intellectual Warehouse Management System Software will make you keep in track of entire operations under one roof without losing any data. It is an Uncomplicated and easy handling software that is designed in a manner to thrive an instant access to the current and future commitments. Predominantly the WMS Software abides to its operation with a promising outcome.

  • Our reports allows you to see real-time analytics of your company and gives exceptions such as late orders, purchases or
        other stock transfers and movements.
  • Suha Warehouse belongs to one of the more straight-forward inventory management applications on the market. It is simple
        and intuitive to use for small and medium sized businesses.

Key Benefits

  • Advanced real time inventory visibility and accuracy allows for greater planning and control
  • Optimize resources in terms of manpower, equipment and warehouse space utilization
  • Efficient order processing thru optimized pick paths
  • Error free auto data capture with barcode and RF technologies
  • Controlling purchase from the material flow and ageing analysis
  • High availability of Inventory through improved replenishment and forecasting
  • Improved order fulfillment, accuracy and speed
  • Replenishment alerts

Modules and Features


Purchase Order and ASN Management
  • Create/Import PO.
  • Update ASN against PO / Import ASN from the supplier.
  • Receive shipments on workstations and wireless handheld devices.
  • Receive against Purchase Orders (PO) and Non-PO’s.
  • Generates Receiving Tally Report (RTR) based on PO and supplier invoice.
  • System directed / operator chosen put away.
  • Multiple receivers receive goods from single RTR.
  • Pallet receiving based on EPC Global standard labels.
  • Barcode/RFID tag printing at receiving.
  • Validate quantities, Kit items on goods receiving.
  • Supports multi-UoM receiving.
  • Inward QC recording and validation as per preset configuration.
  • Min. Transaction UoM validation on receiving.
  • Customer return based on delivery note.


Delivery Order Management
  • Create/Import Delivery Order such as Sales/Work Order and Production Order from Line of business application.
Inventory Control & Goods Allocation
  • Performs rules-based goods allocation to outstanding orders.
  • Goods allocation based on contemporary warehouse logic such as FIFO, FEFO, FPFO and LIFO.
  • Allocation based on customer requested material specification.
  • Restricts expired, non-conformity material.
  • Goods picking on workstations and wireless handheld devices.
  • Goods issue against Delivery Note based on Sales Order and Non-System Orders.
  • Generates Delivery Pick Slips (DPS) based on delivery orders.
  • Generates packing slip after last pick (label or paper).
  • Automatically assigns delivery orders to operators by warehouse, zone and priority.
  • Supports multi-UoM picking based on Material Master Configuration.

Cycle Count

Supports both ABC and Controlled cycle counts:
  • Controlled cycle count based on inventory parameters such as Owner/ Location/ Material/ Batch/ Serial/ Department
  • Blind count to trace the discrepancies and sort them by stock adjustments

Location Management

  • Provides virtual warehouse (VW), with interactive features to create new locations and configure locations in a warehouse.
  • Locates material to its bin level in the warehouse.
  • VW provides graphical layouts of zones in the warehouse with bin status for advanced capacity planning.


Provides capability to adjust inventory levels in the warehouse.
  • Customer return adjustment
  • Internal Use
  • Cycle Count adjustments


Tracking discrete balances by lot and/or tracking specific serial numbered items.
  • Bin-level tracking
  • Capture at Receiving
  • Capture at Picking
  • Provides material serial/ batch tracking to its bin level
  • Identifies expired goods and future expiry goods
  • Track movement of goods from receiving till dispatch

Additional Features

ERP / EDI Integration
  • Integrates with legacy EDI systems
Kit Configuration & Management
  • Create and configure Kit Items
  • Automatically links the kit items in Receiving Tally List (RTL) for inbound receiving and Delivery Pick Note (DPN) for Outbound.
  • Flexibility to define multiple zones within your warehouse and set up discrete rules within each.
Features include:
  • Restrict allocation based on zone: include zones for picking and replenishment, exclude zones for allocation
  • Multiple pickers working on the same sales order in different zones
  • Ability to assign barcode /RF label printers for each zone, and direct label printing to their respective zones
Expiry/Shelf life Management
  • Provides a flexible method for tracking and validating issue of goods with expiry/shelf life due considerations
  • Provides functionality to handle inventory write-offs
Supplier Management
  • Provides the capability to manage supplier and support the composite unique identification of material across the inventory
Material Master Management
  • Create Material Master data with multiple views of data ranging from Material Requirement
  • Planning, Sales, Purchase, Accounting and warehouse
  • Dashboards with customized widgets rendering graphical data of significant store activities
  • Supplier, Operator performance report
  • Inward Quality Check Report
  • Positive Recall material tracking
  • Material replenishment reports and subscription service alerts
  • Expiry , Shelf life expiry , asset calibration expiry reports and alert subscription

Implementation Structures

  • System overview for all the stakeholders
  • Application installation and configuration (IT team)
  • Role based operator training (Warehouse supervisor, goods receive operator, pickers andcheckers)
  • Training for warehouse executives and key decision makers on reporting
  • User friendly interactive operations manual

Implementation Strategies

  • Configure Material Storage Parameters, multiple UoM conversions to capture data during goods movement
  • Configure QC attributes to validate on Inward QC for goods receipts
  • Configure cross supplier references with price and planned delivery times to influence the purchase
  • Support attachments of Product technical data sheets such as CoC, CAD drawings, Profilen pictures etc.
  • Revision history management for sub assembly and finished good type materials


  • Customer help desk
  • Call support, Email support, On-site support


  • More than one user
  • Take control over the orders
  • Tracing the location
  • Detach Management
  • Take in charge over shipment
  • Increased support on reading barcode
  • Enabled Interchange of Electronic Data
  • Upgraded mapping of EDI to customer’s specs
  • Online line transaction view
  • Connect with the customer’s brand
  • Modified slips for packing
  • Variations in Measuring Item’s unit
  • Easy enable of SMS/E-mail
  • Reporting to warehouse through online
  • Variable E-mail notifications

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