Warehouse Management Solution

We know how to optimize your space,improve your On-Time In-Full customer commitments and update your finance team immediately for faster, more accurate billing. The improved inventory visibility allows for greater planning, control, system efficiencies, optimize resources, leverage opportunities and improve overall business operations and profitability.

Receive, put-away, pick, pack and dispatch goods faster with greater accuracy and without adding to your headcount. Our warehouse management solutions allow operations to be continuously and measurably improved - and integrated with the rest of your business. Which supports multi-site warehousing using Barcode and Radio Frequency (RF) technologies.

This suite covers all significant warehousing activities such as receiving, put away, inventory management, multi-UoM conversions, cycle count, kitting, order fulfilment, quality control, and location planning along with picking, checking, packing and shipping.

Key Benefits

  • Advanced real time inventory visibility and accuracy allows for greater planning and control
  • Optimize resources in terms of manpower, equipment and warehouse space utilization
  • Efficient order processing thru optimized pick paths
  • Error free auto data capture with bar code and RF technologies
  • Controlling purchase from the material flow and ageing analysis
  • High availability of Inventory through improved replenishment and forecasting
  • Improved order fulfilment, accuracy and speed
  • Replenishment alerts

Why do customers choose our WMS software?

Space optimization

Optimize your warehouse with dynamic location management. User definable rules can be set by warehouse,account or product including advanced level storage zones, product segregation, locations and groupings.

Increase the capacity of your warehouse without expansion. The inbuilt logic in our solution enables you to move stock locations depending on available space and importantly keeping full traceability of location and ensuring unsuitable products are segregated by position or distance.

Complete Traceability - Trackingfrom receipt to dispatch

Our system offers complete traceability, making it easy to keep track of every item that moves through your warehouse. A wide range identifiers can be applied to goods making them easy to find, including batch/lot numbers, expiry dates and serial numbers. Our warehouse management software enables full product reporting, ensuring compliance with ever increasing customer demands, industry regulations and best practices.

Performance Monitoring

Track stock falling below re-order values, items waiting to be picked, average pick rate, orders dispatched, whatever criteria is most important to your operation. Available as automated and powerful real-time reports or online dashboards you can create and monitor any activity in your warehouse.

Location Management

  • Provides virtual warehouse (VW), with interactive features to create new locations and configure locations in awarehouse.
  • Locates material to its bin level in the warehouse.
  • VW provides graphical layouts of zones in the warehouse with bin status for advanced capacity planning.

Implementation Structures

System overview for all the stakeholders
  • Application installation and configuration (IT team)
  • Role based operator training (Warehouse supervisor, goods receive operator, pickers and checkers)
  • Training for warehouse executives and key decision makers on reporting
  • User friendly interactive operations manual


  • Customer help desk
  • Call support, Email support, On-site support

Discover our Warehouse Management Solution Flow:

Warehouse Management Flowchart
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