Service & Spare Parts Logistics Solution

Our SPL Solution enables you to managing the after-sales flow to keep customers satisfied

We take into account the specific after-sales needs of technology companies to provide a complete set of tailored logistics services.

Our SPL solution ensures that replacement products and parts, and the components needed for product repairs and servicing, are available when they are needed. By understanding the details, we can provide the answers:

  • we help you meet strict service obligations, including for customers with multiple locations
  • we can manage return as well as forward flows, handling used, unused and defective spares
  • our sophisticated processes can cope with volatile demand, adjusting resources and inventory levels

To configure the right solution for you, we consider your customer locations, volumes and service level agreements.

Discover our Service & Spare Parts Logistics Solution Flow:

"Honest... Dedicated... Realistic... Highly Effective... are some of the words that customers have used to describe our approach to the delivery of our products and customized solutions."