Reverse Logistics Solution

The key to a successful supply chain is not only planning how to distribute your product, but how to bring it back — both customer returns and obsolete products. Managing returns effectively allows you to recapture value or reduce write-offs, while keeping your customers happy.

Our Returns solution supports your needs for after-market services. Scenarios such as return &repair, same time swap and e-commerce returns are all supported. Without vast experience within reverse logistics from a variety of industries we know the market needs for returns solutions – and we have the software to support you!

Returns Visibility

By creating visibility for you and your customer in the returns scenario you will increase customer satisfaction as well as customer service. By getting visibility you will improve the returns handling in the warehouse and benefit from better control and planning. Give the customer instant feedback on the return activities for their order by using the web and/ ore-mail/ SMS notification. Repair centers or other stake holders in the chain can also be notified and involved.

Reverse execution, with involvement

Involve the customer by providing the opportunity to access your returns portal. Business rules and local legislation drive what can be returned or not – with visible feedback to the user. The customer drive the return process and can choose drop off at service point, book pickup location and time, or use the carriers own return services. This increases quality in pickups and the information about incoming returns.

Discover our Reverse Logistics Solution Flow:

Reverse Logistics Solution Flowchart
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