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Human Resources Solution

As your business grows, your Human Resource Management needs become more complex, making it increasingly important to simplify and stream line payroll and HR administration processes. Juggling software from multiple vendors – not to mention trying to integrate all of that data to keep operations running smoothly - is a complex and time-consuming procedure. Your payroll and HR needs grow more complicated with each new employee you hire.

Our solutions for mid-sized companies can provide you with a complete customized system designed to meet your unique requirements - a system that is reliable, secure, and flexible enough to grow with your business.

Suhasoft offers a fully integrated solution that has Warehouse Management System (WMS), Freight Management System (FMS) and Transport Management System (TMS) solutions specially design for 3rd party logistics (3PL) providers.

Our solution features:

Experience the difference - Proven benefits

  • Are accurate and scalable with a predictable cost model
  • Ensure your business is compliant with changing legislation and tax filings
  • Perform as promised – offering robust system functionality, incredible up-time, and industry-leading customer support

In addition to our payroll and HR solutions, recruiting, workforce management, and employee assistance programs for growing mid-sized businesses help lower costs, save time, streamline processes, and improve employee engagement by:

  • Provide enhanced flexibility, self-service access and sophisticated analytics to your benefits administration
  • Delivering a single, unified solution that includes recruiting, payroll, self-service, benefits management, analytics, and document
  • Simplifying time and attendance, scheduling and employee time-tracking
  • Equipping employees with the knowledge and tools they need to successes through our training and management solutions.
  • We'll work with you to find the right solution and configure it to meet all your HR and payroll business needs.

Discover our HR Solution Flow:

HR, Payroll & Accounts Flowchart
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