Suha BOM

Bill of Materials Management Software

Product Overview

Our BOM Management software system would benchmark the entire BOM repetitions created at the time of designing process and makes the users to interchange the BOM statistics among the suppliers. Every division would revive the updates, exact information about the correction of each and every element that comes under their grouping. Records that representing the particular elements are easy to view with the help of BOM, ensuring that exact item are used for Manufacturing.

It is not possible at all to trace our system, because it is most secured with spontaneous electronic protection. It is easy to stay away from errors since the changes are instantly viewable by the buyer and the BOM Management System is cascaded to the document management system. Anyone in connection with the supply chain can take actions as soon as the changes are accepted and met

You can create an Efficient and Mistake-free bill of materials using our Bill of materials software, it will let you estimate the necessary cost for the completion of the final product and the sub-products required. The Auto update option can make your system up-to-date with all the components. Managing orders from customers and available stocks are made easy with this system.


  • Manage & Compare BOM
  • Multi-level BOM Configuration
  • Parts search & combinations
  • Simple Import & Flexible Export options
  • Order & Build
  • Workflows mapping
  • Customized configurations
  • Electronic Component DB & BOM Management
  • Product Life Cycle Management
  • Real Time Collaborative Software
  • Multi-user, Multi-location Capable
  • Supplier Comparison & Online Ordering
  • Instantly Search Electronic Parts, Datasheets
  • Search Alternatives, Second Sources
  • Document Management
  • Version Controlled with Full Traceability
  • Custom Attributes & Enumerations
  • Simple Excel Import & Export
  • Excel BOM Automatic Analysis

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